Day 1: Weight loss challenge- Lose 3 kg in one week.

Hello guys, thanks for my followers for supporting me. This article I will be posting on what I am going to eat the next day with the nutritional statistics and calorie count. And see whether we could lose up to 3 kg per week or 6 pounds per week. Now I currently weigh 73 Kg which is approximately 161 pounds. Remember that we need to take up most of the nutrients we need with less optimal level of protein, fat and carb. Most importantly this is a very low calorie diet(VLCD) so children below the age of 18 or pregnant ladies and patients with chronic complications like diabetes, asthma, nephropathy, neuropathy must consult with their doctor.


Early morning:

Wake up around 6 to 8 am in the morning. Drink 3 glasses of normal water or hot lime water.


Masala Oats Porridge- 1 bowl

  • Calories- 160 (approx.)
  • Protein- 3.3 g
  • Carb- 27.5 g
  • Fat- 4.2 g
  • Fiber- 2.8 g


2 Boiled egg with 1 Chinese bowl of stir-fry cabbage

  • Calories- 211 (approx.)
  • Protein- 14.1 g
  • Carb- 7.1 g
  • Fat- 14 g
  • Fiber- 2.6 g

Evening: Do moderate cardio workout for 45-60 minutes.


Mushroom soup- 1 bowl

  • Calories- 127 (approx.)
  • Protein- 2.9 g
  • Carb- 7.4 g
  • Fat- 9.1 g
  • Fiber- 1.7 g


  1. Do drink at least 3 to 4 one liter bottles of water per day.
  2. Avoid the junk foods and high carb foods. Throw it out of your home or ditch it in the garbage or give it out the other peoples.
  3. Take at least 1 teaspoon of oil or butter in your diet daily. Don’t completely avoid good fats.
  4. Do not skip the breakfast.
  5. Do not do high intensity cardio or other workouts.
  6. Don’t overeat.
  7. Avoid stress. Practice meditation to keep you mind and body calm.

Love you body and give the best to it.

With love


How I lost 10 Kg of weight in just 6 months?

Hello everyone, I am Kumudhavarshini from Chennai. I was an obese girl from the time I was studying in 6th grade. People used to call be pumpkin, tomato or by the name of the actress who is chubby like Namitha. I always had the inferiority complex, that no one will like me for my size and shape. In the starting of 2019, I was about 69 Kg, which was even more for my height. By the middle of 2019, I was 75 kg and surprisingly at the start of 2020, I was 82 Kg. WOW! I munched all those unhealthy foods and junks for a time of 3 to 4 months, besides during that time I was in depression and stress filled me and contributed to my massive increase in my weight. Right now I am 72 Kg which I managed to reduce in this lockdown period.

Weight Loss in 6 months up to 10 Kg
Weight Loss in 6 months up to 10 Kg

Before the quarantine, I was trying so hard to reduce my weight. I used to go to the College Gym and work out for 45 minutes and many days I skipped it also. I was a lot worried about myself. During the first month of lockdown, I cultivated the habit of exercising in the evening, I couldn’t wake up soon in the morning so I was working out in the evening and I decided to eat less and I used to eat less at least one time a day. maybe in the breakfast or at lunch, At night I used to eat heavily not less than 3 chapatis. I took a calorie counter and started counting my calories intake, it was approximately around 1400 to 1600 sometime went more than 2000 to be honest guys. I decided to be on a low-calorie diet as the keto or paleo diet won’t suit me. I ate 2 boiled eggs with a fruit in the morning and some stir fry vegetables or mushroom in the afternoon and at night the regular 3 chapattis. Most of the time I used to eat sweets, buns and biscuits which are available anytime in my home and I ate 2 plates of biriyani at the weekends with regular exercise in the evening. It was mostly around 700 to 900 calories. You won’t believe one day I checked my weight in the nearby shop and I reduced to 75 kg in just one month.

Later on the consecutive week I ate a lot of food and didn’t use my calorie counter properly and gained one kg after that and somehow I managed to reduce and come back to the old 75 kg in another week. Its been 3 weeks and currently I am weighing 72 kg.

I will be posting on all aspects of weight loss, health, beauty, fitness and lifestyle. Kindly check out my other posts.


Your Kums<3

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